Time & Material


You can also have a big project with wide scopes. Time & material hiring model is recommended by us when the technical specifications are not well defined. There are times when your development parameters evolve on the lines and length of actual development. Our Time and Material hiring model is best suited for such projects.

Time_&_Material_Hiring Model_for_Dotnet_Development

Time and Material Hiring Model for Dotnet Development

You can hire DotNet developers for Time and Material hiring model allows you to change project specifications on an ongoing basis. Under the Dotnet development time and material model, you can better align your system design and development priorities to the changing market conditions by modifying them at any time.


Dotnet Development Time and Material Model known as ‘Effort Based Pricing’

As we don’t have clear project scope in this hiring model, it is difficult to estimate the development efforts from our end. Thus, the actual amount of time and efforts of our DotNetNuke developers determine the project cost. The efforts and the project cost share a direct relation meaning the more efforts they put in the more you pay and vice versa. Thus, we also call it Efforts Based Pricing model.


Develop advanced Dotnet applications with Time and Material Hiring Model

A project classified under Dotnet development Time and Material hiring goes through phases of scoping, solution defining, business analysis, specification evaluating, visual mapping, architectural designing, documentation, coding, change management, testing, rollout, support, and so forth. This model is best suited for projects that are faced with evolving concepts in a dynamic marketplace. We include maintenance efforts and support services under Time and Material Hiring model.


Dotnet Development Time and Material Model specifications are:

  • It involves usage of new and emerging technologies.
  • It revolves around a new idea but lacks a detailed plan.
  • It involves undocumented business processes and workflows.
  • The market for the solution itself is in an evolutionary stage.
  • The project would require third party involvement and assistance.
  • The software and hardware for the solution undergo parallel development.
  • The essence of the project is exploratory in nature and would require supporting efforts.

Why Dotnet Development Time and Material Model:

  • Flexibility to modify project scope and system design midway.
  • Repetitive development of same parameter made possible.
  • Development efforts can match up to changing project requirements.
  • Continuous client engagement in project development can be established.
  • Progress made on the project gets periodically reported.

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