Hiring Models

How many Dotnet hiring options does your outsourcing vendor currently offer you? Have you ever tried exploring them? And more importantly have you ever tried switching from one model to the other? Your outsourcing vendor might provide you a host of different resource hiring models. But your real nightmare starts when you try to change models midway and switch lanes. While it’s easy to talk about flexibility, it can be a tough thing to offer especially in resource hiring models.

Radix believes that you as a customer have every right to choose what is best suited for your business. This includes hiring the right kind of .Net developers for your project. We follow strategies, trade practices, operational processes, and policies that assist our customers in hiring Dotnet developers. Whether you need industry veterans or a fairly new talent, Radix has a wide range of .Net developers available for different kinds of developments. At Radix we follow the practice of offering a Dotnet hiring model that conforms to the business requirements, development type, and budgetary limits of our clients. At Radix you can hire developers with expertise in ASP.NET, VB.NET, and AJAX to name a few.

However, the best thing about hiring Dotnet developers from Radix lies in the flexibility that we grant our clients. We have a fairly flexible .Net developer hiring framework that ensures that our clients can change models midway if required. We do not tie them down to rigid parameters so much so that they can change the project scope, project priorities, and even the project model. They can use our agile development methodology to ensure maximum value of their development project.

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