Hiring Methodology



  • Express Project Requirements
  • Development Expectations
  • Manage Offshore Developers


  • Understand Project Goals
  • Identify Skilled Resources
  • Conduct Review & Manage Escalations

Client & Radix

  • Resource & Cost Agreement
  • Agree Upon Roles And Responsibilities
  • Joint Review on Progress


  • Process Required Skills and Competency
  • Work for 160 Hours
  • Directly Communicate And Work With Client
  • Daily Updates & Weekly Reports

There is a popular misconception that hiring Dotnet developers from an offshore IT firm can be complex. Rumors claim that there are a lot of ambiguities and hidden costs involved in hiring offshore .Net developers. But the most common one making rounds is that the whole hiring process is so unorganized that it is difficult to trace and track the various functions involved. Well, we beg to differ.

We have in place a very simple and clear Dotnet developer hiring map. We believe and promote transparency in all our dealings. Thus, our .Net hiring process is easy to understand and crystal clear with no place for ambiguities. Every single role is well defined with a clear mapping of who does what.

Feel free to get in touch with our consultants to discuss your requirements.