Fixed Cost Model


Fixed cost hiring model is the best choice for clients who have limited project scopes with limited requirements. Under the fixed cost hiring model of .NET development, we make agreement with the client over project scopes and specifications. Our developers start to work on the project the after the payment completion from client side.


Fixed Cost Hiring Model of .NET Development

Under the .NET development Fixed Cost Model, you have definite development specifications and scopes. By hiring dedicated .NET developers from Radix, you can estimate the scopes to determine the development efforts that would go into the project. Our Dot Net development fixed cost model allows you to calculate the project cost estimations keeping in mind these development efforts. Once you agree to the contractual obligations and clear the upfront contract price, our DotNetNuke developers get started on your project.


Fixed Cost Model for Hiring Dedicated .NET Developers

At Radix, we recommend .NET Development Fixed Cost model for projects that have predefined development specifications. In order to have predefined specifications, you as a client should have clear vision of what your solution would look like and what features it would have. By hiring dedicated DotNet developers, you can get a roadmap for you .NET solution development.

Fixed cost hiring model of Dotnet development provides estimated project development scope and execution efforts is their guiding compass here. But that’s not all! They use these estimations to divide the development process into phases making it easy to track and set up a project delivery date.


Fixed Cost Hiring Model of .NET Development Project specifications are:

  • It has a short lived tenure of 3-4 months.
  • It requires us to use a technology that enjoys fairly established presence in the market.
  • It has detailed development plan with strategic milestones.
  • The market for the solution is stable with minimum volatilities recorded.
  • The project efforts are both predictable and quantifiable.

Why hiring dedicated .NET developers?

  • The development team has better idea of how much development efforts are required of them.
  • You have a clear picture of the project development risks and are better positioned to mitigate them.
  • You can have well defined development structure for your project.
  • A legally binding delivery date can be set for both the parties.
  • You can have the project cost calculated upfront and do away with hidden charges.

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