eCAT Paperless


An audit conductor organization desired to have a solution that allows users to create customized web forms for audit conduction as per their requirements and collect information by filling those forms. It offers a completely digitize platform to eliminate paper driven processes.

  • The core need was an intuitive web system building that allows users to design web forms as per their custom needs and use it to collect data through on-line platform.
  • This application must be integrated with his existing product that is Audit and Compliance Tools built by Radixweb for quick and effective data synchronization.
  • Audit conductors can access their respective web forms through web or mobile platform.
  • Users can use web form and fill data through the application without time and place constrain.
  • They wanted to have an Access Permission System for data capture and retrieval.
  • Development and installation of Report Module to generate statistical and graphical reports of information captured.

Project Details


eCAT Paperless


August 2013 – on going





Audit and Compliance


To meet client’s expectations, we have analyzed industry needs and competitors’ products.Based on detailed research, Radix has developed a completely automated solution that removes paper driven data-collection. It successfully runs with web and mobile platforms. As per core requisites, we have developed intuitive system that permits users to create customized on-line forms to conduct the audit and fill the details after the detailed market analysis. To meet varying business needs, we have developed advanced features for web and mobile platform such as Audio Capture, Video & Image Capture via camera, GPS Positioning, Barcode scanning, etc. There is installation of features like answer-piping, conditional display, etc. to automate the traditional paper driven process of company. Rich, informative and data driven dashboard with graphical presentation. we have inserted single sign-on functionality to integrate existing mobile Audit & Compliance tool with web eCAT Paperless and synchronize the data of these two different platforms.


Using this web solution, the company has a completely automated process to conduct audit. It offers the benefits of cost reduction by diminishing manual paper driven process. Moreover, it has simplified enterprise’s complex business procedures too by streamlining various activity.The solution helps in saving paper and costing for printing the audit forms to gather the audit data.


  • .NET 4.0
  • Entity framework 6
  • SQL Server 2008, HTML
  • XML, Javascript
  • CSS,Jquery
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap 2.3
  • Jquery Flot Chart 1.1
  • Phone Gap for Mobile Application

Team Size

Team Size

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Technical Architecture
  • 1 DBA
  • 1 .NET SR Developer
  • 1 .NET JR Developer
  • 1 Quality Analyst

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