AQ Class


A Microsoft Certified Asp.Net developer wanted to build up a platform to share his technology knowledge with his trainees via on-line tutorials.

  • Major requirement was to setup a web portal for knowledge sharing through tutorials across the IT knowledge seekers and trainees at quick availability.
  • As client wanted to run his business in UAE, he asked for the website having Arabic language.
  • The techno savvy client wanted to build up a solution using Microsoft technology.
  • Admin user can track information of website visitors through the solution.
  • Integration of live video streaming of tutorials was essential to share knowledge with his customers and trainees.
  • The solution must have the capacity to manage several on-line tutorial videos and make it available to students and trainees quickly.

Project Details


AQ Class


1 Month







We offered an on-line platform using Asp.Net a Microsoft technology that permits client to upload his live video streaming for tutorials and share them with students and trainees.

  • Using Asp.Net, we have delivered a web portal using Arabic language applying Asp.Net the Microsoft technology.
  • The solution admin user can view details of Total Time Spent & Number of Times Access at website by visitors.
  • We have developed and installed various features that assist the user in tracking various details such as user’s Total Minutes Presence, Check–in & Check-out at website, User IP address, User Name, etc.
  • Advanced Search functionalities for quick search of website users by selecting group and user.
  • The solution permits client to upload his video tutorials and his students and trainees get the on-line knowledge relate to various Microsoft technologies including VB.Net, Asp.Net,HTML5, CSS3, and C#.Net.
  • Live video streaming permitted multiple students to access the same video file at the same time.


By offering on-line video tutorials, the website allows for on-line learning or knowledge sharing to client. It works as on-line marketing tool too. Admin user can view website’s accessibility by users on daily basis.


  • .Net Framework 4.5
  • Asp.Net with C#
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Microsoft Enterprise Library
  • MS Charts
  • 3-Tier Architecture

Team Size

  • 1  Project Manager
  • 2  Sr. Software Engineer

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